Summer Fun with the Kids at Madbury Public Library

It’s summer time and there are fun things happening here at Manypenny Murphy Architecture.  Emily and Brian recently got to spend an afternoon with the kids of Madbury, NH talking about the design of their new public library.

The main message for the kids was “drawing!”  For many architects their love of drawing as kids was what led them to their careers as architects.  We often draw to study and document what already exists in the physical world, but we also draw to study possibilities of what could exist.  We draw to convey ideas as part of a process of creative problem solving.

These kids jumped into their new sketch books without hesitation and within minutes there was cool stuff everywhere!  We hope they’ll carry the sketch books with them and capture all the wonderful things in their imaginations.

Our team has been working with the people of Madbury for more than a year designing and planning their new library, and when the project is complete it will be the first public library building ever in Madbury, NH.  The institution itself only began there in the 21st century in a closet in town hall until it moved to its current home in a repurposed 1950’s ranch house.

We’re so proud to be part of this exciting moment in Madbury’s history and we always love spending time with this vibrant and engaged community.